Irvine Strata has brought a new paradigm to the strata management marketplace. Our belief is that strata management is fundamentally a customer service role. The focus must be on the Owners and working through issues with a common sense approach, while being conscious of the legal framework.


Irvine Strata focusses on those buildings that need a much more intense management.

These buildings are usually in transformation they need major renovations or there has been a history of poor management, or the Owners just want someone to take control of their building and get the job done.

A feature of our service is our commitment to visit our buildings on a regular basis.


Strata Management is not solely about the secretarial and financial activities it is about providing the highest level of service to Owners, tenants and the community that interacts within the building.

Irvine Strata offers an integrated service of strata management, property management and building management.

Strata Management

The strata manager has a crucial role to play to ensure the complex is safe and compliant. But importantly, that the asset value continues to keep pace, or even outpace the market through proactive, professional management. Strata Management will always be our core element in any buildings we provide services.

Property Management

Irvine Strata offers Property Management services to owners, but only in the buildings we strata manage. This seamless, integrated service to Owners and Tenants eliminates the sometime cumbersome handoffs between separate strata and property management firms. It makes life easier for the Owner and the Tenant. No other property manager knows our buildings better than we do!

Building Management

Irvine Strata offers a proactive, intimate management of strata buildings. Building Management could include Project Managing major renovations, defect and Home Owners Warranty works, Energy Efficient upgrades, and day-to-day onsite operations.